Fashion Police for REDD'S Miss Tanzania Launch Party

I might say,people really do not learn!! its so sad how even a so-called Miss something something doesnt know the proper way of dressing for a red carpet event...worse of all,a Cocktail party!! Take a look at this..
From the in-door lingerie to the street...I saw it all!
Am not so sure about these looks..pardon me Diana...but you have been JAILED!
 Agggrrr!! The word FASHION is never meant to be abused!! so NOT FAIR :-(
 Now..another Lingerie...let me not talk about the pose...
 And my favorite Police encounter...the Ciara look!,its the HOTTEST CITY..Dar es Salaam!! Boots never work in a red carpet...let alone that MAISHA CLUB look you rocking!! Many of us commit this offence...JAILED!

And for you,Miss Tanzania and all other former contestants who were there...your ultra short dresses were so inappropriate! Its a Launch Cocktail Party...not a clubbing event!! you go with a warning,next will all be JAILED too!

Fashion Police!

Missie Popular


  1. Hey Missie popular nice updates and excellent follow up on fashion and dress codes. I was wondering, you posted Salha Israel in ur best dressed and now she falls on the worst dressed????????????? how comes

  2. Dear Anonymous and any other person who is wondering the same...well,i didn't say that Salha didn't look great,SHE DID! All about her outfit was perfect,..the dress,the matching shoes and clutch..perfect combination!!...BUT its a lesson to her and all other contestants..their dresses where too short and inappropriate!and this has been an issue to almost all current Miss Tanzania girls..not a good image for those who look up to them. THUS, The warning...

  3. Good shout. Got u my dear.Keep up ur good work.

  4. well said...been observing a lot of them...keep the gud work...

  5. i do not agree with the boots story, its a very great look, and who cares about that it is hot in dar es salaam, so it means everyone should only walk around in bikinis, in the caribbean a lot of ladies walk around in boots, thats because they know fashion.....