Its Tonight.....Come sing your lungs out,at Karaoke Night

 Its the night of FUN.......
 Showing off your any way you can
 Living the Hollywood dream for five minutes of FAME...its superb! 
Need i say more!!!?

Runway Lounge, Shopper's Plaza, Mikocheni!
Description ITS OVER!!!! At least I hope the worst is...January has officially come an end-enter the month of love and possibly the most awkward holiday of all time for most :)

Let's CELEBRATE the love of ANYTHING! Life, friendships, music and KARAOKE! Thats right! We're doing it again- CODERED TZ and Runway host KNIGHT OUT with KARAOKE & The Fix from 8pm!

You know what it is...the best and the worst music and great company supported by VICEROY BRANDY!

Lets do it! Entry is Tshs. 10,000...see u from 8pm!

Missie Popular


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