Mr.Tanzania 2010,Mario has cut his Maasai Hairsyle!!

2012 has been an interesting year for the new hairstyles!! It looks like,SIMPLICITY is the new thing!! After i wrote about Model Mosses Rnaze who cut his long hair early this year, i just noticed another Model from Tanzania, Mr. Tanzania 2010/2011 Mario Mpingirwa who was famous for his Maasai hairstyle...he also went bald!
 During the Mr. Tanzania term,he was our handsome Maasai Moran ;))
 This was taken during the Manhunt International contest
Mario with Abby as they host an event together...
Well,thats how he was,with the maasai hairstyle...And now...this is how our handsome model looks like...
 I love the transformation!!
So,Mario (last on the right) has joined the Bald and Handsome!!
When i asked him why he decided to change his hairstyle..this was his reply
Mario: "For 2012 i decided to change my look; Although many of my friends aren't very happy about it, since they liked the Maasai style better...well,this is my 2012 look for now. 

MP: So,will you go back to the Maasai hairstyle in the future?

Mario: Ofcause! That's my signature look,i will definitely go back to that hairstyle.

So,there you have it!! Many people are joining the BALD Hairstyle Club :))

Missie Popular


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