Tanzanian Supermodels in One Runway- London Fashion Week

Two of the best Tanzanian Supermodels just shared one runway at London Fashion Week....Actually,they did the SAME SHOW for Viviene Westwood!! Am talking about Supermodel Flaviana Matata and Herieth Paul!
 They both had their separate shows...but this one brought them together...
 Rocking the same designer clothes....
Now THIS is the best thing to see!! I cant imagine how it would have been..having Millen Magese, Miriam Odemba and these two in one event!! damn!!

A challenge to our Tanzanian models everywhere in the world....let's be the next Sudanese models that we see their new faces everyday on these International runways!! WAKE-UP damnit!!

Missie Popular

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  1. this is very good coming from our home sistaz... am impressed and very happy....
    go girlz