Beauty from the Inside Out- Albinism

Being beautiful means alot! Its not only about how good your skin is, or how you look fabulous in those clothes....Its alot more than that. The beauty that comes from within,is the best essence of a person...
Its how you care about other people, how you speak, how you behave mostly...the interaction with other people around you,that determines your inner beauty.
 We always associate some people with this word "Down to Earth"...and its such a compliment!! Well,being "Down to Earth" means caring,loving,and fashionably helpful!
 I know....this is not a normal post to see in M.P blog...but we all know its an important one...This Albinism education is needed to all of us. We love the good life,don't we?
 Well, some of our family members, friends and collegues aren't enjoying the life as we do....Actually they are suffering!
So, is our chance to make an impact to someone's life...through what we love most....
Let me introduce you to Barwany Albinism Development Trust Fund (BADEF) , a not for profit organization that deals with the welfare of persons with albinism in Tanzania.
BADEF’s mission is to ensure that all barriers, limitations and obstacles causing or contributing toward the exclusion of persons with albinism from mainstream of society are empirically studied and publicized as contribution toward structural, behavioral, practical and moral positive change.

BADEF is in the process of a campaign named Nifahamu which was launched at a media press conference on the 17th of December 2011. The Nifahamu campaign has so far greatly helped in raising awareness on the BADEF project among members of the public, dignitaries and the Diaspora.

From TODAY until 7th April, we will have a series of educative posts on Albinism, and on the 7th April,me, you and all M.P Lovers we will join in the Charity walk which will start from Leaders Grounds to the Mnazi mmoja grounds.

Let the Inner beauty in you,shine!!

Missie Popular


  1. Thanks Missie Popular, lets join hands and make the "Nifahamu" Campaign a success.

  2. i wish i could give you all the money you ever needed. i have a biracial daughter born with OCA2. please know we send our love to all of africa and all people with albinism. peace!!