Beauty Tips for People with Albinism

For any person with Albinism to be able to stay healthy,lots of education is needed...this is for both the parent/family and the person in question. The information needed pertains skin care,Eye care...appropriate clothes to be worn, etc.
Since Albinism is the partial or complete failure of melanin production in the skin and eyes, the person with Albinism is required to stay out of DIRECT sunlight,and most of the time,stay covered on the eyes,by a large spectrum brimmed sunglasses.
 BADEF's  objective is to conduct a national-wide campaign on albinism welfare among persons with albinism, parents/guardians, close relatives and the public in general... on appropriate care needed for babies, children and young persons with albinism to live healthy lives.
 This goes to both males and females...and its nothing to be ashamed of. The use of appropriate suncream,sunglasses,and staying away from the direct sun,is mandatory for a child,youth or adult with albinism.Pass this info along...
This will ensure that people living with albinism and their caregivers receive appropriate education on how to care for such persons.

Play your part today,teach yourself or someone you know on how to care for themselves,or the people with Albinism that they know.


Missie Popular

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