"CARE" to know Diandra Forrest- A model with Albinism

 Her name is Diandra Forrest, a model with Albinism
 She has such courage..its amazing!! She parsued her dream of becoming a model..
And made it to the fashion world! her face have been in magazines,music video etc
 Do you "CARE" to know and help them realise their ambitions? you as a Tanzanian?
From Kanye West's music video "POWER", model Diandra Forrest tells it all to you...people with Albinism posses the same power,enthusiasm and passion just like everyone else..

Today's Theme from BADEF is " Nijali", a Swahili word for "Care for me"
The objective being; To fight against all forms of descimination to persons with Albinism in the country.

This will create awareness about the plight of Albinos in the country and condemn all forms of descrimination associated with misinformation and negative beliefs evolving fair treatment of people living with the condition.

Visit here http://atfrontline.blogspot.com/ for more info

HERE is Diandra Forrest

Show how much you care, and CARE to learn,understand and love people with Albinism.

Missie Popular


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