Designer Gabriel Mollel launches a "Beads" swimwear Collection!

 Gabriel Mollel in disbelieve as his new collection comes to life!!
 Am talking about those beautiful Maasai sandals and NOW...The swimwear collection!
 Yes...amazing cultural beach wear for YOU
 Be it that Maasau beach dress/skirt...or the actual swim wear and sandals!!
 And to make it better..all the swim wear tops are 100% BEADS!! ...Yes...Beads only!

 Take your pick...and Gabriel will make it into your SIZE...... What are you waiting for?

Visit Gabriel Mollel's Sairiam Shop at Slipway and get your piece NOW...

Missie Popular

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  1. ki ukweli nimependa style zako, nahitaji mawasiliano tuweze kufanya biashara