Diamond are Forever....This is how it all happened!

I have never acted in a movie...or being at the scene...BUT Yesterday it felt like i was in one!! The Diamond show at Mlimani city was something worth waiting (3hours late) for.
 The stage was amazing! decorated with diamond-like ornaments....
 The MC of the night was Janeth Mwenda for Red Carpet..and Taji Liundi,for the event
 At midnight,Diamond and his family arrived...i just looove that blazer!!
 He gave a simple interview..and went straight backstage, to prep for the show...
 When the show began...everybody forgot that we have been waiting for three hours!!
 The theme of the show was...a history into Diamond's career,from when he started to present
 People where moved!! Even his Ex-fiance...Wema Sepetu was there.
 After a quick change,Diamond went on with the perfomance,this time..to the crowd!
 All the time,our eyes were on Wema,mostly since Jokate was there too...tension!!
 Ommy Dimplez and friends... #TeamDiamond
 Thanks to Diamond...we saw the return of Q-Chief on stage!!
 "Moyo Wangu"...perfomance was on point!! from the blazers..to the dance!
 This guy is a true entertainer!! When he was done with "Moyo Wangu" single...Diamond hit it with "Nimpende Nani'...and the crowd went nuts!! People showered him with cash..from TZS to Dollars...i saw them all!! And then...something happened!
 Ex-Fiance Wema Sepetu decided to go and shower him with the cash too...But unlike what Diamond did with the crowd (receiving the cash)...he brushed her off!!
 Wema continued to hold the cash for him for like three minutes..still,Diamond didn't receive it..he continued with his perfomance, as if she wasn't there!!
 Wema decided to give up and throw the cash on the stage...and went back to her seat..Paparazzi on her tail..
Meanwhile..Diamond continued singing "Who should I love?"..with vivid comparison between Wema and the rumored new girlfriend,Jokate....It was full drama!!

There you have it! The full Diamond's show DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER!!

Missie Popular


  1. i think wema should learn a lesson and stop dating boys and start dating men......TO DIAMOND ur not diamond original but ur a piece of trash learn to respect women even if they are wrong...wat if mama yako akifanyiwa hivyo on public?

  2. Do u know why he did that?! or you are just saying bcoz you like Wema??! He has a reason to do that, so plz do not judge a book by its cover, go out ask Diamond why he did that before opening your mouth and blame!!

    1. You r crazy my dear u think diamond is not a man, by the way wema is so cute that is why diamond left her, and he doesn't desire her