Do You Know This Guy?- -Albino Flani

Albino Flani, a.k.a Babu is a Tanzanian artist that is making it big in the Tanzanian music industry now!

Within the thematic tag line "Nifahamu" a Swahili word for "Get to know me"...there are five components that illustrate the objectives of BADEF. These are
  1. Nipende (Love me)
  2. Nilinde (Protect me)
  3. Nijali (Care for me)
  4. Nielimishe (Educate me)
  5. Naweza (I can!)
So,today lets get to know Albino Flani...the Tanzanian music artist living in USA. He recently organized an outstanding benefit concert to raise funds to help kids with albinism by providing sun blocking Lotion, to prevent skin cancer.He also participated in a movie called Baby Powder, and he recently release a new music single, featuring Sugu, Mwana FA and Belle 9.

Here is the song...officially released during the EATV Friday Night Live show..
Take time to know the people with albinism..and you will realize they are like you and me ....

Missie Popular


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