From the Evans Bukuku comedy show

This month's comedy show was like-no-other! Lots of people showed up,
(thank you all for the support)..and am sure these will be great ambassadors in bringing more audience!The show was on-point..and this is how ite went down ;))
 The sponsors were mentioned...yours truly Missie Popular being among them..
 And the MC of the night,song bird Carolla Kinasha graced the stage
 Taji all-time MC and a great friend of the Comedy show...imitating how politicians greet each other
 And the laughter began...Dogo Pepe on the stage
 All stress aside...
 The place was packed!

 And when Evans Bukuku took on the was epic!
 He touched every subject...and he even sang a nice,crazy, hilarious song!!
 I could see Sameer and his wife cracking-up!!

Great show,Evans....looking forward to the next one..and hopefully YOU (who is reading this)..will be able to attend too ;))

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