How Millen Magese Scouted her Four Fabulous Models!

As promised,this is an overview of how MMG by Millen Magese was able to gauge 350 candidates to get the four models,yesterday!! it was a very long, exhausting BUT fun process...and here is what happened...
 From 10am,the candidates started their registration as supervised by the MMG team
 Thereafter,they were all taken for an introductory meeting..
 The meeting involved explanations on what will take place,the height required etc..
 And then...the process began!
 Boys and girls all showing what they've was fun to

 The competition got stiff when the numbers started being reduced...gauging!!
 And when the judges weren't sure...a one-man walk was requested..
 So,the top ten boys were lined up....
 And Millen Magese made her choice...
 From the Top Six...Two winners were announced
 Victor and Chizi....these are your MMG Male Models
 For the girls...the competition was just starting!!

 There were 20+ girls on the quarter-finale....
 But only eight (8) of them made it to the semi-finale
 As the finale came closer,more girls lost the battle....and counselling was required
 Both Aminata and Millen gave the girls tips on how to do better next time.. and a hug!
 And so.....the Top Five was named
 From it...the TWO winners were announced...
 Victoria and Anastazia are the new MMG Female Models!!
 Right after the announcement...something magical happened,and left almost everyone with a tear on their was quite a moment! It came to be known that, Victor..the Male Model actually a twin brother to Victoria,the Female Model winner!! And nobody knew it before-hand!!
 Thanks for the support from Madam Ritha,Mustafa Hassanali and Aminata..the judges
So,here is the happy moment...from left is Aminata, Mustafa, Victor,Victoria,Deo,Millen,Anastazia and Ritha Paulse...Chizi was missing in action...maybe because of his name..lolz!

And there you have it!! Millen Magese with her company MMG model search ended here,for Dar es Salaam...more to come for other Tanzanian Regions!

Missie Popular


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