How SAFE are the Models in the Fashion Industry?

We all love the beautiful and handsome models....right? They are the tallest,slender and confident looking girls...mascullar,handsome and cocky boys!! Many young girls and boys aspire to be models..especially with the development in the Fashion industry in Tanzania and Africa in general..modeling has now become a career for many youths
 But,how safe are these models in this line of work? Do they get to joing workers unions, get insurance, receive counseling on HIV/AIDS and other life issues?
 Model Alliance's Industry survey done in the US shows that nearly 30% of models have been sexually harassed, and 50% exposed to drugs like cocaine. BUT this is the study on the USA Fashion industry,what is the reality in Tanzania, in East Africa?
 These girls and boys undergo such pressure on their career,but are they even recognized as REAL WORKERS? can they form an association, be part of the workers unions and join pension funds like PPF,NSSF,PSPF etc?
 There is still a long way to go,until to reach the likes of Herieth Paul and Flaviana Matata...the point where our models go international.....and get to experience the real pressure of the industry..BUT are they prepared for that?
When models get signed into Modeling Agencies,its the best decision for them and their welfare. That is, unless the model in question checks and ensures that his/her contract contains all the neccessities before signing...a mistake that many of us

Well,that is today's educative info for you, fashionistaz...

Missie Popular


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