Isn't Vogue ready to come to Africa?!

Today Netherlands received their FIRST ever amazing Vogue issue!! Am happy for them as a fashion addict...BUT isn't Vogue ready to come to the motherland,Africa?! After such a cry from this continent in 2010,so many Vogue Africa Covers were made...Just to try and impress this company to see the African market...

 African models have been used in making these covers...
 Such creativity!!...2010 is the year where much efforts were made for this initiative
 This is my all-time favorite!!

As Vogue expands to other countries.....NOT continents,...countries!!..We, in Africa are asking for just ONE that will cut across the whole continent...please Franca Sozzani (Vogue Italia) and others...give Africa the chance to show what "Black is Beautiful" is all about!

Missie Popular


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