Keisha Loves YOU! Would you love her back?

TODAY: Keisha is telling you "NIPENDE" ...Love me!
"Don't laugh at me, do not segragate me".. Those are some of the words from Keisha's song "Usinicheke" ..a swahili word for "Don't laugh at me"

BADEF dedicates this to you,urging you to morally and materially support the Tanzania Albinos Society (TAS) so that it serves its members as per its registration objectives.
This campaign is designed to elicit a positive attitude among the public in order to understand the Albino society and make them willing to contribute to the cause materially and morally.

To materially contribute, use these numbers; M-Pesa 0769696999, Airtel Money ; 0688858535, Tigo Pesa; 0655029595 or through the BADEF Bank account (CRDB Bank, Lumumba Branch Account No. 0150278228900).

For more info;
Visit  Twitter: or send an email through:

Learn,Understand and Start by helping this movement reach as many people as possible... Let's love each other, TODAY and ALWAYS..

Missie Popular


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