Kiki Fashions at the IST and UNHCR Fashion event

 So,Kiki Fashions took the IST students and parents into her world of great designs...
 Modeled by the IST students themselves,this was a breathtaking show!
 The pieces were colorful and fitted for people of every size,age,color and height...

 She did it!!
 The crowd was mesmerized by what they saw...and some purchased the pieces right there!!
 The BFFs really pulled off a great show...This is Kisa(Kiki Fashions) and Mange
 Besides the show..Kiki Fashions also had an exhibition booth...
 Pieces from Swahili Fashion Week and other shows were all there...

Congrats to Kisa and the entire Kiki Fashions team for the great show....Am still in awe for their ability to bring UNHCR into the fashion Sponsorship/Partnership list!! Great initiative guys!!

Missie Popular


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