The Launch of Evans Bukuku Comedy Show on TV!

 On Monday 19th March,2012...Tanzania witnessed for the first time...the TV program that aired such standup comedy by Evans Bukuku and his Vuvuzela Ent. crew! First time ever...Clouds TV became a part of this revolutionary development, and i must tell you, it was hilarious!!
 At Nyumbani lounge, friends and fans of the Vuvuzela Ent. and Evans Bukuku gathered to enjoy a drink while watching the recorded comedy show,which was done in Uganda. Evans Bukuku and his crew introduced Tanzania to such entertainment
 Taji Liundi, a very close friend to the Evans Bukuku Show, lounging with friends at Nyumbani Lounge...If you missed this...well, there is another chance :)
This group of comedians will be at Nyumbani Lounge again, on the Tuesday of 27th, March...and you will get the chance to hear and see their hilarious jokes they will be perfoming LIVE!! For only 10,000... you will get stress-free therapy...LAUGHTER!

All images by;

Missie Popular


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