Louis Vuitton Re-defines Runway Shows!!

Now this is what i have been waiting to see!! Louis Vuitton decided to take the runway show to the next level..during the Paris Fashion Week (Fall).....the show went like this...
The show started off with the arrival of an ancient train from the 60's..branded LV
There after, the models started to un-board the train,escorted by the train officials
All the male escorts were carrying the Louis Vuitton bags...
As this collection was an 80's inspired, Marc Jacobs decided to give you a ride
This is what i call,INNOVATION!! Something that we lack here in East Africa!
Thank you Marc Jacobs!! the runway shows will never be the same after this!

By the way...Marc Jacobs,the designer for Louis Vuitton arrived wearing a black  MALE DRESS...and its the second time we see him in this revolutionary garment!!


There you have it...I urge all the East African designers to change the runway ideas they use...If you need help,please contact me anytime...I have abundant ideas for YOU...(It will cost you,though ;)) )

Missie Popular


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