Mustafa Hassanali "Colors" the Arise Magazine Fashion Week

 This is AFRIKALOS collection by Mustafa Hassanali
 Quite a colorful collection,i would say....comprised of the blue,orange and purple color shades,its one of the cheecky pieces i have seen in Arise Magazine fashion week 2012..
 I love the Khanga blends in these pieces...

 Damn! i dont know if its the colors or the designs..but i loooove these pieces
 “The name of my collection Afrikalos is derived from two words, “Afri” shortened version of Africa and “kalos” is Greek word which means beauty. Afrikalos has been inspired by the sight, sounds, rhythm, vibrancy and vivaciousness which truly defined the beauty of our motherland, Africa. The inspiration or chaotic Colour coordination and amalgamation of various textures of fabric and prints, which defines exotic meets eclectic version of innovation that is truly in motion.” Said Mustafa Hassanali.

 Photo credits by Kola Oshalusi for Insigna and bellanaija

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