New Designers in Town?

This past week we have seen an intro of two new designers in the industry...coming quite strongly,if you ask me!..Am talking about Stylist Martin Kadinda and Tanzanian model Belina Mgeni...

 Martin Kadinda introduced his new "Single Button" series of blazers..
Colorful pieces for everyone who fancy the look.. 
 As i encountered Tanzanian artist Ommy Dimplez rocking one of his, at the 8020Fashions women celebration this weekend
 On the other side, Tanzanian model Belina Mgeni decided to give it a shot on the designing world she is,rocking one of her designs...and as seen on the left,she is actually posing with Jacque,who is also wearing the Belina Mgeni design!!

So,my question is..what do you think of this new movement of stylists,models and entertainers..joining the designing industry?

Send us your comments below..

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  1. tutapenda tuone kazi nzuri yenye ubunifu na upekee...not their names.i like martins single button blazer tough....sijaona tofauti kwa huyo belina....hamna kipya i mean