The New Hope in Tanzanian Fashion- Subira Wahure

She won the Emerging Designer of the year 2010, and showcased at the 2011 Swahili Fashion Week....Her designs have been won by many people...including me. Subira Wahure is your next stop for all the great designs you might need...HERE IS THE EVIDENCE
 For that evening event where you need a sexy and comfortable dress....
 Or,the dress to show off when you visit your In-Laws ;)))
 Whether you are that good,innocent and beautiful girl
Or that sexy,independent cheecky lady...she got it all.... Get more of the Subira Wahure designs from her own blog and make your mind NOW....

Designer: Subira Wahure
Model: Evanuru Isaack
Make up and hair:  Rehema Samo
Photography: Hanif

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