The power of a Hijab

Someone once told me "There is nothing that turns men ON,like a fully covored woman"...and this,was a man. One day i decided to try it...I took one of my hijab,mixed it with some beautiful silver platform shoes..and went on a stroll around city centre...I can testify on how many heads were turning to look at me,everywhere i passed!!
 Hijab is one of the most beautiful attires,no doubt! It doesn't only cover you up,BUT it also changes the perceptions of the people you interact with.
 Hijab brings out the natural beauty of your face
 You can wear any design...Ooooh trust me! They come in quite different styles too :))
 If you capture one DESIGNER will know it at once!
 And it doesn't mean you have to wear black hijabs only....there are multiple colors
And so are the shoes to go can choose from plumps to platform shoes..
A high heeled platform shoe is the best choice for a hijab. It gives you the elegancy and at the same time,pulls up your hijab from the dirty substances you might passby...remember a hijab is a very long and loose dress.

Well,i hope this inspires you to try this look once in your lifetime...

Images by: Sabz Capuweraz
                            Hayakuhusu de Haan
                    Amina Plummer

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