Vintage Beauties- Nancy Sumari, Miriam Odemba, Irene Kiwia, Tausi Likokola...

Women are delicate...That is the truth. And when you meet a woman of a certain age,looking fabulous...please give her some credits! ..Well, i don't mean these ladies are ancient..NO!! But one thing that made me put them all in one group is...they all have matured over time,and still look Fantabulous!!
Many people think, "A woman looses her looks as she gives birth to her babies..Every baby takes some part of her beauty"...Well,these Ladies will tell you otherwise..
 Nancy Sumari looks sooo beautiful, she can get back to the beauty contest TODAY!! What many people don't know, she has a baby girl!! And the above pictures are of Nov,2011 at the Swahili Fashion week,and i took them myself!!
 And here is the angel beautiful like her mother!!
 Irene Kiwia...the Tanzanian beauty in eveery way!! Even after having her baby boy,Zion..Irene has never looked more beautiful! This is what i call,a Hot Mama!!
 How wonderful!! Mother and Son cuddling...
 Do you remember Tausi Likokola? well,here she is...after giving birth to TWO amazing kids,she looks like a Supermodel that she is!!
 This just makes me want a baby of my own,NOW... lol
 Oooohh..and here is the Queen herself!! Miriam Odemba...The mother to baby Iris and still a Supermodel...the African beauty for sure!! Flat stomach,beautiful body...and glowing!
Am sure even baby Iris is proud of this hooooot Mama!!

This is such an inspiration to other ladies out there,who let their bodies loose after they have babies...and at the end of the process,they just look like baloons and so UN-Attractive!!

Besides the mentioned above, my shout outs to Faraja Kota Nyalandu, Mariam Ikoa, Feza Kessy, Sophia Byanaku and all other hot Mamaz out there...keep the spirit rolling. Women are meant to be, look and feel BEAUTIFUL everyday and everytime!

Missie Popular


  1. Do you mind publishing one of yourself? The beauty of women is the variety, what you find UN-atttractive may be another's cup of tea. Men do their best to put women down, let's not do that to each other, too. There are many beautiful Tanzanian women, healthy, attractive, charming who may not grace covers of magazines, but the way that they embrace themselves and who they are makes them that more beautiful. Let's learn to look deeper than the skin.

  2. hello! i just met Tausi Likokola today, she is amazing!