AND1 (USA) Beats Dar All Star (Tz) 123 -71 points!

 The Indoor basketball gym at the National Stadium was packed!!
 AND1 players were so impressive,and i gathered that,so many young players in Dar,had these guys as their role models in the game!
 The match was very interesting..with both parties giving their A-Game!
 Tanzanian Dar All Star team was playing their best Basketball game, while our guests were playing the best Street Ball i have ever seen!!
 At the end of the day, we saw amazing dunks....great game,well...and so many baskets too
 Unfortunately the baskets were giving points to one side only...AND1 team from USA
Until the end of game, ADN1 was leading with 123 points against Dar All Star with 71 points.  From Tanzania, Mashauri was the man of the game....he really did the best!!

However, A certain professional in the basketball game whispered to me that, Tanzania doesn't have a Street Ball team,and nobody really know that side of the game...So,he believe that,there was a need for Tanzanian basketball players to learn this game too...and if possible,we can have both the normal basketball teams...and those Street Game players too....

I concur...and i believe Sprite will be ready to sponsor such efforts! In case you know how to work it out,please do something NOW...

Missie Popular


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