The Best Dressed at Kili Tanzania Music Awards 2012

This year,things have been a little bit different on that Red Carpet....I must say,the disasters have been less than previous years...and people really dressed up to impress!!This is what am talking about;
 The ushers were dressed by Rio Paul..and they looked stunning!
 BUT ...This was my favourite BEST DRESSED couple of KTMA!..Nancy Sumari with her partner Lucas looking fabulous! Nancy actually reminded me of the Holiwood actress Viola Davis!!
 My second BEST dressed is Izzo Business...the Hip Hop MC!
 Third is this beautiful lady!! I didn't catch her name..BUT i surely caught that dress!!
 From there...i saw designer pieces...a Mustafa Hassanali and Eskado Bird design...
 The long time favorite MC, Jay Mo..was looking sharp!! I love that ear piece!
 There were blazers everywhere!! I wonder how many,Martin sold this time ...Here is Asya Khamsin posing with fellow designer,Ally Rehmtullah (I love that blazer,Ally!!)...and on the right is singers Diamond and Ommy Dimplez...rocking the "Single Button" blazers.
 They call themselves, "WASAFI"..meaning "The smart ones"..and they live up to it!
 The colors of the event were mostly Blue,Red and Purple...
 Stylist Rio Paul and the beautiful Mboni..

 Blazers again...Singers Amini and Barnaba....and on the right its Model Jamillah
 If i see another BOW TIE...i might go crazy!!! It was as if I went back into the Primary school twenty-something years ago!! ..only these ones were on suits and not khaki shorts ;))
 Now..this is Martin Kadinda,the guy responsible for making every man in  Dar es Salaam believe they need a "Single Button" blazer in their closets!! Thanks for the transformation,boss :)
Last BUT not least...its this amazing African inspired dress,won by this mystery lady. She was the only one rocking this type of a design,and i loved the uniqueness!

Well,there you have best dressed people at the KTMA 2012....These are my views, you are not bound to agree.If you have yours,please do share.

Coming up...The WORST DRESSED and most importantly...the CELEBRITY LOOKS!!

Missie Popular

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  1. Thank u I couldn't agree more hun. Job well done. Keep it up. Hugs