Celebrity Looks at Kili Tanzania Music Awards

Do you want to know who-wore-what at Kili Awards? The likes of Vanessa Mdee,Millard Ayo,Izzo Business,Khadija Kopa,Pancho Latino,Khadija Mwanamboka...and so many more?...Well,this is a dedication to you,...Take a look at what the Tanzanian Celebrities wore during KTMA 2012
 At the entrance..the first person i met was Lotus from Nivarna, EATV..
 And then celebrities poured in...this is Nancy Sumari and Luca
 J-Lo of Tanzania,Sintah....and the 'famous" MC,Jay Mo
 Looking great,this is Shamim of 8020fashions blog and stylist Rio Paul
 All rocking the Blue color...its singer Amini,Barnaba and Clouds FM presenter,Gea
 Izzo B...Izzo Business...looking sharp in his suit :))
 Rocking Eskado Bird designs,its Clouds FM/TV presenter,Shadee and Model Gyver
 Designers in the house!! Asya Khamsin posing with the amazing Ally Rehmtullah
 Looking amazingly beautiful..this is designer Khadija Mwanamboka!
 Chidi Benz,Gadner G Habash (seriously!!)...Teyana and Rio. Teyana is actually wearing a dress designed by Rio Paul
 The late Steven Kanumba was remembered too...and on the right is producer,Pancho
 Tanzanian models Jamillah and Lisa Jensen!..Jamillah,posing with her boo..was rocking a design by Khadija Mwanamboka.This dress has been fought for by many people,including Supermodel Flaviana Matata!! It was showcased during the Red Ribbon Fashion Gala
 And here we have Rebeka Gyumi from FEMA talk show,Dina Marios of Clouds FM (Leo tena), and the handsome Mubah of Mkasi show..
 Mmmmh! The Queen Khadija Kopa and her daughters (who became the talk of the Saturday night!)..and on the right is the Love Doctor,singer Kassim Mganga
 Professor Jay....and the Kiba Family. This is Ally Kiba with his bro and young sis.
 Madam Asha Baraka was in the house too...she had the African "Bazee" look
 Rocking Polka dots with a high slit,this is Jacque...and Martin Kadinda
 Twanga Pepeta,Luisa Mbutu matching pink pieces...and singer Queen Darlin'
Our hosts Millard Ayo and Vanessa Mdee. Millard is rocking a Single Button blazer by Martin Kadinda,while Vanessa is on that amazing Blue Dress by Tanzanian designer, Jacqueline Majebele.
 Last but not least,is singer Ommy Dimplez rocking the British Baron look..and "Wasafi's Sister", Mboni.

So,there are your choices on Celebrity Looks at KTMA 2012....the arrangement is by no category/range...its just a random throw...

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