Diamond's Arrival at DarLive this Sunday

 Tanzanian entertainer and musician,Diamond made another mark this Sunday! With a remarkable stunt of arriving at the venue on a chopper,wearing ARMY-like costumes ....
 Am talking,proper Army-like costumes...with studded shoulders,breast pocket medals and stuff!
 This costume has been designed by KIDOTI, a brand by Jokate Mwegelo...and its not the only outfit he wore!!
 The crowd at DarLive went bananaz when the helicopter approached..and their homeboy became a Start on their eyes! Diamond who has been living in Mbagala for many years returned home to perform one more time!
So,he arrived at DarLive...BUT how was the performance?...Stay right here as many more images are to come your way.
We will explore his performance...His TWO costumes/outfits and most of all...I will give you my opinions on his ARMY THEME for this event.

Images by ISSA MNALLY/ERICK EVERIST - of Global Publishers Limited

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