Just-In: Elizabeth Michael "Lulu" escorted to Kisutu Court for the mention of her ongoing case on Actor Kanumba's Death

 Escorted by an entourage of Police Officers, Tanzanian Actress Elizabeth,mostly known as Lulu was attending her court trial today,at Kisutu Court,after her case was postponed to today's mention!
 The security around her is amazing!!
Wearing a RED hijab/dira..Lulu had a quite somber look,avoiding eye contact with the media flocking the place.  Above images by Khadija Kalili
As usual,Global Publishers got a closer look......Lulu surrounded by Police Officers as she enters Kisutu Courts.
Will update you as per the outcome of the case mention today...

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  1. Lulu ana mimba ya Kanumba nini?

  2. Lulu should speak the truth N save herself. If its true she was sent or it was just an accident.

  3. Oh gracious goodness!!I can't believe this.Satan must be put to shame this time and let God's justice take over.I also believe that Steven Kanumba was taken by those stupid magicians because of his wealth.Please God put them to shame by returning him to life because i know you can.Nothing is hard for you and nothing is impossible if we just believe.
    I have a strong believe that Kanumba is just hidden somewhere.God is now time that the enemies should learn to fear your children and respect them whenever they see them.Please do something and set Lulu free,because i believe she is Innocent. The enemies were just looking for someone to put the blame upon so that they wont be recognize.
    Well their time is up!!!STEVEN KANUMBA IS ALIVE BUT HIDDEN SOMEWHERE that we are yet to know!!

    1. Bro wahitaji maombi.wewe mwenyewe huamini mungu