Latest from "Kidoti" by Jokate Mwegelo

Jokate's designer brand KIDOTI has given out two new designs....and they are up for your COMMENTS...
On Saturday,at Kili Awards, Diamond did a change of clothes to this KIDOTI suit as he received his THIRD Award!. Its made of a shade of green,and looks Velvet-like...i didnt get a chance to have a closer look,BUT from what i saw,personally i didn't understand it. Will find better images of the design..
And TODAY, the designer herself... Jokate,released this image of yet another KIDOTI design...and she wrote "jojo lately....#KidotiLoivng"....The new piece is made up of "Gunia" mixed with modern materials for color and arms...More details to come.

So far,What do you think? Let us know through the comments box below;

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