Let's HELP Actor Sajuki and his Wife!

Sajuki is one of the great actors in Tanzania. He married Wastara after she had a terrible accident which left her with one leg. Now,Wastara has a new born baby,and her husband Sajuki is very ill! This family needs our HELP now!
 When married her,they were the happiest couple...Love with no bounds
 But now she needs our assistancy to support Sajuki's medical bills and her baby
This is how Sajuki is,at the moment. He is in need of medical attention,which is expensive (25 million Tshs= almost 20,000 USD) . He is required to go to India for treatement, (a tumor in his stomach) and he can not afford the journey and medical bills. Please let's assist by sending any amount here:
AKIBA  BANK AC No. 050000003047,WASTARA JUMA or
Thank you for the support

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  1. pole sana kaka kwa hali yko vibaya ila mungu atasaidia utakuwa pona tu. usijali kaka