Linah's Wardrobe malfunction in USA?

I have got to say this....This girl can sing!! I salute her for that!..BUT....when it comes to WHAT TO WEAR, Linah needs a total wardrobe makeover...and a tutorial to go with it! When i saw this pic..

 Yes...this one here...i tried so hard to ignore the bra showing in there...and applaud the pink colored skinny jeans and that beautiful Kitenge blazer...BUT the following pics of Linah's concert/performance just blew me away!!
I have no idea what to make of this attire!
Fom that black those pink Bridget Jones...the tarttered skinny tights ..Dear Lord!
Hate me if you can..BUT please!!!! This is the REAL definition of WARDROBE MALFUNCTION...and Linah needs fashion help...where is Rio Paul??!!!

Images by;Vijimambo blog

Arrest my case,
Missie Popular

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  1. Ushamba wa kikinga hautamwisha. Kuna msemo unasema smthn like ' U can bring a person out of village but u cant remove village out of a person..' kama sijakosea.. Kila anachokivaa huyu mtoto its a total mess! sijui...