Meet Tanzanian hottest model- Hamisa Hassani Mobeto

She is a beauty..elegant,amazing catwalk...and with such a melting smile.....(ahem! did that sound like what i think it sounded like?)...well,to hell with it...she is good!! I always enjoy taking pictures of her on that runway...Take a look at what am talking about..
 So...this is Hamisa...the model am refering to...and i took this pic during a Mustafa Hassanali Fashion4Floods event. (The jewels are by Nasreen's Enjipai brand)
 Above: Hamisa rocking a Mustafa Hassanali design during Fashion4Floods event.
 And this was during Harusi Trade Fair 2012...and Hamisa is walking the runway in a Binti Afrika wedding design...her walk is just amazing!!
 And ...this is the smile i was talking about....looking beautiful in a Mustafa Hassanali wedding dress,Hamisa is the model you want to see wearing your design!! she is not thaaaat tall,but when she walks the runway,that detail tends to go un-noticed.
 Besides runway modeling, Hamisa does fashion shoots for adverts,magazines and event appears in music videos...
Last year,she did vie for Miss Tanzania contest..and even though she wasn't crowned one,Hamisa continues to make such a development in her modeling career.

That's your TODAY's scoop on our Tanzanian models...

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