MNG'AO COLLECTION BY Salim Ali of Mtoko Designs

 Salim Ali designs pieces for both MALEs and FEMALEs...his collection MNG'AO is dedicated to giving you that casual groovy look...
 The shirts are amazing..and can be won both casually and on that smart office look too
 If you like T-shirts...there you have it! you can wear it with the Mng'ao shorts or with that Denim pair of Jeans

 Need I say more?

 And for the ladies...wooow!! I want that dress!!!!
 This is Salim Ali,posing with his FEMALE model...
What are you waiting for? Come and get your MNG'AO design customized to your shape and size!! Its from Salim Ali,Mtoko designs ;))

Missie Popular


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