Muungano Lifestyle Extravaganza- An Evening Event

The setup for the evening event is already done...Red Carpet, perfomance stage...and most of all,the shopping extravaganza will still be on,throughout the event!!
 You can shop for bags...those traditional slippers...
 Lotion,body mist,clutches....
 Sonya is also here to make sure you get the Beauty Tips...
 Shop for your kids too...
 For those Shoe-holics like me...this is your place to be!!
 Great music is already playing now...and later on,we will have Baikoko,Taarab and more
 The Red Carpet is ready and waiting your arrival!
And THAT is the stage!! adorned with Blue looks superb,especially as its illuminated by the above lighting!

Missie Popular has a table specific for her fans,AND you...being one of them,is welcome to come join! If you are interested,please come at Diamond Jubilee at 9pm sharp and i will be there to pick you up!

Missie Popular

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  1. thanks for.the infor ingawa nipo mbali ila maelezo yamenifanya nijihis najumuika nanyi