Muungano Lifestyle Extravaganza- What to wear this saturday!

Its here!! Muungano Lifestyle Extravaganza is ON...this Saturday,at Diamond Jubilee. For a FREE ENTRANCE, you get to bring your family from 10am ....enjoy kid's play areas and other kid's activities for only 3000Tshs....and later on at night,9pm-Onwards......we enjoy coastal music,a fashion show...and have a fun night! This is what you can wear;
 Make it colorful...

 This is more like it!! Colorful and with enough "bling" to complement the night!

 The choice is all your!
 Its the Muungano Lifestyle Extravaganza!! Dress to And Missie Popular will be there to record the Red Carpet retro...

See you all there.....

Missie Popular


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