Over 240 people fainted at Kanumba's Funeral Today

It has been reported that over 240 people were attended by Tanzania Red Cross after fainting during the on-going funeral of The Great Steven Kanumba.
The Vice President paying his last respect to actor Steven Kanumba. The process was interupted after the committee anounced a change in the process,since they were too many people,it wasn't easy for all to pay their respect.And so,it was decided that,the body be carried to the cemetery right away
 The whole crowd moved to the Kinondoni cemetery before the body was moved there....And i mean, A CROWD!!

 Unfortunately,there were too many people at the cemetery,who all demanded to pay their respects before the actual burial... The car carrying Steven Kanumba had to turn and go back to Leaders Club,until the chaos ends....Meanwhile,many people continue to faint..including former Miss Tanzania,Wema Sepetu
Wema has been taken to the hospital ...and the Red Cross is still busy with the number of patients. Nobody has been reported dead yet,although many are afraid it will happen,due to the stampede going on at the Kinondoni cemetery at the moment!!

Let's continue to pray for our beloved,and for his fans who are still in shock and disbelief of his sudden death. May his soul Rest in Eternal Peace.

Missie Popular



  2. You entertained our households. We glued to our TVs to watch you. You not only entertained us but educated our communities.We will miss you brother.
    It is unfortunate that death has plucked you out of the society at such a tender age, when the East African community needed you most.
    God the Almighty, rest his soul in eternal peace. He given and He alone taketh. RIP.

    Kenneth K.Kibwana
    Mombasa, Kenya

  3. Patricia KipesileApril 10, 2012 at 4:51 PM

    I will always miss u my child! R.I.P

  4. mungu ailaze pema peponi roho yake amina

  5. We loved you but Our Lord God loved you more,I still can't believe it, I cried,fainted more than twice but still its hard to accept you are gone... we may not meet today,tomorrow or the years after but someday we will meet you... Love you Uncle

    Miri Layda

  6. Kanumba.....A man with a heart of gold....your name will never be forgotten...A simple man....rip bro....will forever love you....our prayers are with you and family........I have to stop crying...I look at your photos....and my heart cries out....but what Allah will, will be...may you rest in peace, and may god forgive your sins, and may angels sit with you and our prayers are with you.....lol xx