This is "Mgahawa" TV Program

Maybe you heard of the word "Mgahawa" before? A swahili word for Cafe' or a Restaurant....and as in any Cafe',there are lots of talks on different issues facing the society. In "Mgahawa" TV program,its no different.
 Facilitated by Omar Mohammed (Shurufu),this show is like no other!
Tackling political,financial and social issues facing our East African societies,Mgahawa is your one stop TV program for any youth interested to follow up on the hard talks and trending topics in East Africa. Here is a CLIP on the show;
Don't miss "Mgahawa" every Sunday 1:30pm and Monday 8:30pm....You can also follow the conversation on TWITTER through @Mgahawa and on "Mgahawa"s  FACEBOOK page

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