What to wear for Kili Tanzania Music Awards?

Yeeeees!! that great moment to see the Yaaaaays and the Nayyyyys! is almost here! Am talking about the Red Carpet moment for the prestigious Kili Tanzania Music Awards,2012...Are you going to be there? Have you prepared what to wear,accessories and your hair style? If not,do not panic...

Am such a believer on our local designers..and for events like these,its just perfect!! We all know that Eskado Bird, Mustafa Hassanali, Eve Collections have all launched their new collections recently!..this is what am thinking

 These two Eskado Bird designs can rock very well on that Red Carpet!!
And if you love colors..these Eve Collection pieces are your choice!

You can go for a black sexy dress from Mustafa Hassanali too...
Wooow the crowd...!
Do not forget your nails, your hair style...and the most important thing...SHOES!!
  Depending on the type of dress you are wearing, you can go for open sandals or closed..

 For those wearing SHORT DRESSES...these shoes fits perfect! That is, all the details will compliment each other,and hence complete your look perfectly well!

 Pleaseeeee avoid these...BELOW
 Mini dresses are fun..and they look great (on some people)...BUT when its ULTRA-MINI DRESS...plzzz! Am i the only one who believe "Covering up" is the New Thing in fashion?

Anyway,pardon me BOYS...i have nothing much to say to you,since all you need is that great suit..or just some Denim Jeans and a proper shirt.....nice CLEAN shoes..
 Whatever you wear,do not forget that BLAZER/JACKET..its the only piece that officiate you..lol

Well,i guess that somes it up...If you want more assistance about where to buy what, let me know through missiepopular@gmail.com

Missie Popular


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