When Tanzanian Designs get a boost!

I like it when i meet people in any event,and they are wearing something MADE IN TANZANIA...Its a good initiative supporting our local designers..be it Accessories (bangles,earings,shoes,bags), or clothes designers...and even manufacturers!
This is a Manju Msita design,won by Matukio Chuma...you can buy one too.
For those in love with African prints...you have alot to choose from!! Like these designs from
 Or you can go for these designed by Ailinda Sawe
New designers are doing great too....These two dresses are designed by HS- girl on the left..and she has so much more in store for you
 Whether its that Subira Wahure design or a Mtani Nyamakababi male shirt..
 A Chichia "Made by Africa" sassy design...authentically Tanzanian
 You are not limited to either Mustafa Hassanali or Eskado Bird...the choices are yours!!
You can also grace the Red Carpet in that Khadija Mwanamboka design!
 Accessories...all made in Tanzania..by Tanzanians. These ones are found at Tanzania Mitindo House, near the US Embassy.

These are just few of the designer works...What are you waiting for? Buy your Tanzanian Designer piece TODAY!!

Missie Popular


  1. Love it! The skirt Vanessa is wearing I believe is by Chichia and not Jacqueline http://www.chichia.bigcartel.com/product/the-mkia-dipped-hem-skirt still made in Tz so all good!

  2. Oooouh...thanks for that correction dear...Yes,its a Chichia Made by Africa...xx