Who wore it Best? Jacque Vs Isabela

 When i saw Jacque at Kili Awards,rocking this Mango A/W 2011 piece...i was impressed! Not because its a designer dress...BUT because its a designer dress that is hard to pull of. Its transparent,has lots of flows and its Polka dots might backfire if you do not accessorise wisely.
So,i searched for Isabela...the model behind the Mango brand...and there she is...
 So....who did justice to the dress? We have Jacque who has amazing curves that complement the flows of the dress...she also has a full chest,which makes her look sexy!...And on the other hand,we have Isabela. A tall lean model..who isn't afraid to display her long legs...and pose with such confidence!!
Mind you...both have same hair style,minimal jewels and share almost the same skin tone.

Its all yours...WHO WORE IT BEST??

Missie Popular


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