Eva Dub African Inspired Designs!

Its so sad how African resources and talents are used to benefit others,out there! Especially in the fashion industry where majority of the current designs are inspired by African prints,all of which are created,dyed and even sewn by African women...who receives little money for a design sold between 200 USD and 1000 USD..or even more!
 Ugandan women at work ...producing Bhatiki that is used in different clothing lines
 Using the local sewing machine...this woman is creating an international standard outfit!
 Eva Dub with some of the women producing part of her designs...To these women,Eva is a hero!providing them with a sustainable job and market..she is giving these women a big push!
 BUT does it have to be that way? Has Africa failed to create a market for its manufactured goods?
 We wear these same Kitenge/khanga/bhatiki dresses everyday in weddings etc...
 We make suits,blazers and so much more,through our local designers and sewers..
 Is it impossible to create an internal market for them?
 Look at that beautiful print!! all made in Africa..and we have so much more!

 Let's think about this....BUY Tanzanian brands...BUY African...let's create the market needed for our own products....

Fired Up,African!
Missie Popular


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