The Fashion Icon Contest- Diamond Platinumz Vs Ally Kiba

They are the best artists in Tanzania,...the handsome guys too and they are both great entertainers...When it comes to fashion,they present themselves with such taste,its amazing!! Here is the LookBook for Diamond Platinumz and Ally Kiba...
 They both know what to wear AND how to where it!!
 Both have GREAT bodies and use them effectively!
 Their poses...remarkable!!
 Young men of style...while Diamond explores different colorful outfits..Ally Kiba wear more calm and neutral colors

 I will let you be the judge on this....
 Who is the hottest and most fashionable between these two?...Is it Diamond Platinumz or Ally Kiba?...ahem...Make sure those HOT bodies don't affect your judgement...lollest

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1 comment:

  1. Ally Kiba is far much beyond Diamond in terms of facial and body looks, but for outfits i cant judge coz they both have good taste. thanks am Willy sunday