From the Red Carpet of Met Gala 2012

 My best look of the night is Beyonce!! Rocking an amazing purple Givenchy Haute Couture dress, she just looked like a goddess!
 The see-through hugs her curves perfectly well... covering all the right places....
 My second best is Gwyneth Patrow and Nina Dobrev (rocking Prada)
 And ther is Solange...looking stunning like never before!
 Ms Alba looking all it!!On the right is the mazing Cameron Diaz!
 Bruno Mars and Paula Patton looking fabulous!
 Designer Vera Wang (center) posing with Paula Patton...
 Justin Timberlake,Jessica Biel and  Dakota Fanning (right)...
 Christina Ricci also rocking Schiapelli and Prada...I dont understand these looks well...anyhow,moving on....
 The worst looks for me are Mary-Kate and Florence Welch
There you have it! The Met Gala red carpet was on point!!Read between the lines!

Missie Popular


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