Mboni Masimba Launches her own Talk Show!

The Mboni Talk Show is here...launched today by Mboni Masimba and it will be aired on EA TV.
 This is Mboni Masimba..on the right,she is posing with her friend and blogger Shamim of 8020fashions blog. Shamim was the moderator of the press conference for the launch
 Shamim (rocking scarf print) as she introduces the media and Mboni Masimba
 The media in action!
 Mr. George Tyson the director of the Talk Show, as he introduces the show to the media. According to him,the show will air through East Africa TV, so as to capture the International audience
 Ms Mboni Masimba informed the media about the different categories of the Talk Show,indicating that,there will be an introductory part, Q&A for the guests through her and the studio Audience etc
Mboni advised the Tanzanian artists to use this as a chance to reach a wider audience and capture the East African market. Though this show,Mboni will also donate to the needy and the community at large.
We wish you all the best,Mboni...and looking forward to an amazing show!!

images by;Elimu Bora Tanzania blog

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