My President Loves his Red Tie :))

I tend to observe really weird things...and that's just me...
So,lately i have noticed that my President realllllyyy LOVES his Red with prisms of white and black...Am talking about this;
 All these pictures are of different occassions,where my president met different people
 Speaking in different meetings/forums
 Either in Tanzania or abroad
 My eyes are just there...on his TIE
 Don't read too much into this...plllllzzzzz
 aaaaahhhh did you know that my President met Brad Pitt? ..or i should say, Brad Pitt met my President,right?...well,thats Doug
 Still, watch the tie

 yes...that's the same tie...
 This is my President with Doug Pitt...
 If you have noticed,check out the tie on the background picture....

My President REALLY LOVES his Red Tie......

Missie Popular