When Designers try too much- Marc Jacobs at Met Gala

When designer make other people look amazing...we tend to expect alot from them....especially if they are attending a red carpet event,with lots of other stars present!...Now,designer Marc Jacobs decided to attend the Met Gala 2012...in NOT a tuxedo,but rather something revolutionary!Take a look;
 Yes.....that's precisely what i thought when i first sal this!!..huh!
 From every angle...it just looked awful!worst dressed of all !
 Posing with different people all the way to the venue...Marc Jacobs made sure we got a closer good look at his man-dress

 Actually,this is not the first time he wore a dress...if you remember our post on his collection(which involved a Train)...this Louis Vuitton designer has been trying hard to get the trend accepted!
I can just imagine the questions he was asked on the red carpet!...Just one more from me,What the hell is that? Is it a Dress or an oversized male see-through Shirt??

Would you try this?

Missie Popular


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