From Groove Theory-Summer Love

Groove Theory summer love was on point! Mbalamwezi beach was full of great people and an amazing shot of house music...Take a look at who was there...
 Adrian was in the house...making sure the music was flawless...
 Eskado Bird and friends...
 Big Up to the DJ...Groove Theory was F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S
 When the man behind the camera is ON camera...Akbar posing with Tandi of Eclectik City
Beautiful people (in Chris Brown's voice)

 AY, Baba Jonii and friends...
 Fareed Kubanda "Fid Q' was in the house too....all Jah'd up
 Ahem....posing next to Hasheem Thabit is one risky business...anyways,the Captain was there tall as ever ;))
Now...question is,how did Amour stand at the same level with Hasheem?Looking the tall guy in the eyes?... hahahah it was a fun groovy Saturday,indeed!

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