A Recap of Queen's Diamond Jubilee

 As the celebrations comes to an end..let see what the fashionista Kate Middleton wore...
 For the first day, Kate rocked this red knee length Alexander McQueen dress...and on the forth day,she had on another Alexander McQueen laced dress
 She looked fashionable and still maintaining that royal look needed by the family
Actually...there are rumours that she is preggers!! i don't know how people think that,she is as slim as she has always been!...well,time will tell

Missie Popular

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  1. Kate is by far my favourite royal!!! She is gorgeous! and always looks so stunning!!!!!! I loved the colour of her cream dress! I was a bit shocked by the red one - thought it was a bit out there but she pulled it off effortlessly.

    The Queen was so adorable and so determined! She looks good for her age! I was a bit worried about travelling in London, especially with all of the bad press the tube had got the week before! But I had not trouble at all getting from my London apartment to Buckingham palace! I was pretty impressed with the whole organisational structure of the thing really!

    Great weekend and now less than 3 days left till another weekend!!