A Sneak Peek at Wema Sepetu's Glitters Show

It was off the hook! I have never been to such Red Carpet perfection...(And great mess)..in my life!!
 The Red carpet moment was like no other!! From Bloggers to TV personalities
 Radio Presenters and almost everybody in the entertainment industry was there!
 Fashion designers...Singers...rappers.actors we saw them all!
 Even supermodel Miriam Odemba was there..looking amazingly beautiful!
 And my favorite part...Fashion extremes....
 The Lady of the event...Wema Sepetu looked incredible!
 So,we got a chance to see Wema Sepetu's "SuperStar" movie...and i must say,its a movie to watch!!
 These guys caught my attention...looking sharp!! I likeey!
Many congrats to Wema and her entire team on this event...amazing!

Stay on this page...coming up are Best and Worst dressed of the entire event!

Missie Popular


  1. tunasubir kwa hamu mambo matam

  2. Wema was looking good alifunika naona...hore pics plz...go gal nakuaminia. picha nzuri miss P

  3. My Opinion is that Wema is Going in the Right Direction,She should Dare to Dream and Aim even Higher,Despite All,She is still Young and if She Combines Dedication,Discipline and Enthusiasm coupled with Innovation,Surely she Will Go Places and Reach Even Higher,She Got the Looks and Talent to go there High up the Ladder,to reach the Appex,The Ball is in her Court to Play it Well

  4. I hope she makes a positive turn and heads on. She's a role model to many young girls. I really do hope she doesn't disappoint the young eyes looking up to her.

  5. Honestly speaking i like Wema,,, she really is a shining star ever since crowned miss Tanzania,,, Many congrats to her,,,