466/64 Fashion Inspired by Nelson Mandela's Prison Number

466/64 Fashion is inspired by a true global paragon of peace and reconciliation.
Named after Nelson Mandela’s old Robben Island prison number, the 466/64 campaign is one the world’s largest social justice initiatives. This remarkable enterprise has transformed the lives of millions of people for the better. 466/64 Fashion is a proud extension of Nelson Mandela’s incredible humanitarian legacy and as such it is more than a clothing brand; it is a powerful communal touchstone for proactive change. It reminds us that each and every person has the ability to overturn the status quo and achieve the ‘impossible’. It is an iconic collective catalyst that encourages us to do good for those who need it most.

For more info, go to http://46664fashion.com

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  1. Is 46664fashion donating a percentage of their profits towards social causes?

  2. Yes, the 466/64Fashion brand provide a percentage to 46664 Board to help promote the Nelson Mandela humanitarian legacy. Read more from http://46664fashion.com/Details